Founded in 2002, B&R, Attorneys-at-Law (B&R), is a large full-service partnership law firm, basing on Mainland China and commanding extensive business resources with broad provident international perspectives. B&R has been dedicated to providing international clientele with high-quality legal services, enjoying a rapid growth concurrent with the fast developing society on which our foreign clients rely for existence. B&R remains committed to providing you with professional, cost-effective legal services of excellence and competence.
M&A of a famous Beijing enterprise by a Hongkong company, dealt with by Dr. Qiying Wang, Attorney-at-Law & Partner, has entered into its substantial period.
Upon invitation B&R will give lectures to the member enterprises of the Promotion Society of China Group Co., Ltd.
B&R has been retained as the cooperation partner of legal services by the Committee of Supervision & Management of State Assets of the State Council
B&R, Attorneys-at-Law (B&R), is a large full-service partnership law firm, enjoying a famous name in many fields of legal services such as in FDI, international trade, anti-dumping,securities, transaction of titles, real estate, corporate affairs......
The high-qualified lawyers of B&R, whose working languages are English, Japanese, German and Chinese, having graduated from prestigious Chinese and foreign law schools with J.D. and LL.M. plus years of legal working experiences in those respective foreign countries, have been engaged in the practice of law for more than ten years in China, which has been enabling us to well represent foreign companies and individuals doing business in China.
In Photos of B&R, the various aspects of work, study and life of the lawyers in B&R have been recorded by pictures, which is a show window for the elegant demeanor of B&R's lawyers. Your opinions are welcome.

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